Why The Stainless Steel Also Have Magnetization?

- Sep 29, 2018 -

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People always think that when the stainless steel material is absorbed to the magnet, it can be defined that whether the stainless steel is good. If it is magnetism, the stainless steel material is great ; if not, the material is a counterfeit fake. However, this is a kind of unrealistic and uniliteral distinguishing way.

Normally, the stainless steel is devided into two categories, austenite and martensite material.

Most of the stainless steels used as decorative plates are austenitic 304 materials, which are generally non-magnetic or weakly magnetic. However, magnetic properties may occur due to fluctuations in chemical composition or processing conditions due to smelting, but this cannot be considered as a counterfeit. Or not qualified, what is the reason?

It is mentioned above that austenite is non-magnetic or weakly magnetic, and martensite or ferrite is magnetic. Due to segregation or improper heat treatment during smelting, a small amount of martensite or ferrite in austenitic 304 stainless steel is caused. Body organization. Thus, 304 stainless steel will have weak magnetic properties.

In addition, 304 stainless steel is cold-worked, and the microstructure is also transformed into martensite. The greater the cold work deformation, the more martensite transformation and the greater the magnetic properties of the steel. Like a batch of steel strips, it produces Φ76 tubes with no obvious magnetic induction and produces Φ9.5 tubes. Due to the large deformation of the bending, the magnetic induction is obvious. The rectangular tube produced is larger than the round tube, especially the angled part, and the deformation is more intense and the magnetic is more obvious.

In order to completely eliminate the magnetic properties of the 304 steel caused by the above reasons, the austenite structure can be restored by high-temperature solution treatment to eliminate the magnetic properties.

In particular, the magnetic properties of 304 stainless steel caused by the above reasons are not at the same level as the magnetic properties of other materials such as 430 and carbon steel. That is to say, the magnetic properties of 304 steel always show weak magnetic properties.

If the stainless steel strip is weakly magnetic or not magnetic at all, it should be judged as 304 or 316 material; if it is the same as the magnetic steel, and shows strong magnetism, it is not to be 304 material.

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