What Is Difference Between Stainless Steel 316 & 316L & 31603

- Sep 18, 2017 -

What is difference between 316 & 316L & 31603

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Metal material science is an exact science, such as the above a variety of 316 series stainless steel materials, apart from ordinary carbon content and low carbon content, the difference between each other is not big, little impact on performance.But we should be submitted to the attitude towards standard strictly enforced, to distinguish between them or should be in strict accordance with the standards for acceptance.

GB/T14976-020Cr18Ni12Mo2《0.08《1.00《2.00《0.035《0.0316~1810~142~3old 316
00Cr17Ni14Mo2《0.03《1.00《2.00《0.035《0.0316~1812~152~3old 316L
GB/T14976-12S31608《0.08《1.00《2.00《0.035《0.0316~1810~142~3new 316
S31603《0.03《1.00《2.00《0.035《0.0316~1810~142~3new 316L
ASTM A312TP316《0.08《1.00《2.00《0.045《0.0316~1811~142~3America S31600
TP316L《0.035《1.00《2.00《0.045《0.0316~1810~142~3America S31603

1.   Difference between 316 and 316L base on old national standard

There are quite few 316 in the market at present, which strictly following an old gb standard, mostly product according to the American standard ASTM A312 standard execution, so when buying old gb 316 series stainless steel material, need to be extremely cautious and old national standard of 316 and 316L the difference between two points. the first point is clearly can be seen from the brand in (L on behalf of the low carbon, H represents high carbon), the second point: the old national standard of 316 is nickel content requirements between 10.0% ~ 14.0% (the actual content is a little more than 10%), the national standard of 316L stainless steel for nickel content is between 12.0% ~ 15.0% (the actual content is a little more than 12%), a difference of 2% of the nickel content, also is the difference between the price of them.316L is more expensive than 316.


2. Differnce betwewen new gb S31603 and American standard TP316L: see above the comparison we can see S31603 chemical composition between them can completely replace TP316L, but TP316L stainless steel is not a substitute for S31603 . There is no difference of use between them. But strictly 316L can’t substitute 31603 mainly because of phosphorus content, S31603 stainless steel for phosphorus content is below 0.035%, while TP316L requirements under 0.045% (p) for steel is a kind of harmful elements, the circulation of 316L on the market at present, nearly 95% are TP316L stainless steel, their actual content of phosphorus is around 0.037-0.042%, so when buying S31603 stainless steel material, need very cautious to avoid the unqualified acceptance.

3. Difference between TP316 and TP316L

There are un-professional company, which including some small manufacturers in the market or no longer working for this line of people, often mistakenly assume that use TP316L can replace TP316, lack of ignore to remove carbon content differences between them, there is a big difference between is the nickel content, TP316L stainless steel for nickel content over 10%, while TP316 stainless steel demand in more than 11%.So in the purchase of 316 stainless steel material, we also need to be careful.

In the market, most are 316L, recently 316 is very few use in the area.


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