The Stable Production of Super Mirror 8K Stainless Steel In HONGWANG

- Sep 27, 2018 -

                                                                                                                             ——From HONGWANG Office

After specific analysis and technical research, Shandong Hongwang has developed 201 and 304 super mirror 8K which thickness is between 0.4mm to 2.0mm procedure standard by specializing in its own equipment and process technology. 

Since July 2018, Shandong Hongwang has promoted the selection of materials, equipment improvement, rolling and annealing and pickling process adjustment, and has started to fix the process and technical parameters and operating standards since August. And it can produce 201 and 304 super mirror 8K under the thickness of 2.0mm.

During the past 2 months, the team selected 58 samples of different specifications randomly for trial grinding at Linyi Asia Pacific Co., Ltd. Based on the 8-foot plate grinding rate of 27 to 32 sheets per hour, all the samples were successful except for one steel coil due to the reason of the incoming material. The successful rate reached up to 98%.

After grinding, the roughness is below Ra0.02μm, and the gloss 60° angle is higher than 700. The surface, the brightness and the imaging effect is excellent. The quality is superior to general 8K products on the market.

The Samples pics as follows :



304     Thickness: 1.78mm 

Glossiness (60°):723    Roughness(Ra):0.019

201      Thickness: 1.68mm 

Glossiness(60°): 740    Roughness(Ra):0.017


304     Thickness: 1.38mm 

Glossiness (60°): 730    Roughness(Ra):0.019

304     Thickness: 1.95mm 

Glossiness (60°): 742   Roughness(Ra):0.015

Contact: Una Chen

WuXi XiChu Stainless Steel Co.,Ltd


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