The Thinnest Stainless Steel In China

- Aug 10, 2018 -

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On August 9, a batch of 600 kilograms of stainless steel with a thickness of only 0.02 mm was shipped from Shanxi Taiyuan to Germany, which is currently the thinnest stainless steel in China.

This stainless steel, also known as hand-tearing stainless steel, is only a quarter of the thickness of A4 paper and can be easily shredded by hand.



The 0.02 mm shredded steel developed by TISCO is currently the thinnest stainless steel in China. Prior to this, the product was difficult to control due to process control and was monopolized by Japan, Germany and other countries for a long time.


The size of stainless steel precision strips generally ranges from 0.05 to 0.5 mm, and some strips below 0.05 mm are called stainless steel foils. At present, there are soft stainless steel under 0.05mm existing in the market. The 0.02 mm stainless steel developed this time is a advanced product which is higher than the industry standard. This ultra-thin stainless steel is mainly used in the areas of aerospace, petrochemical, automotive, electronics, home appliances, Computer and others.

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