The Current Situations And Prospect Of Chinese Stainless Steel

- Jul 30, 2018 -

                                                                                                                                     —— Wuxi HONGWANG

  • From the supply aspect, Chinese stainless steel capacity is higher than the domestic steel industry, but lower than its foreign counterparts. In 2017, utilization rate of China's top ten stainless steel producers accounted for 85% of China's total output. At the same time, Chinese stainless steel capacity has been fluctuating at the level of 60-70%, and the utilization rate has been keeping low. By 2020, the capacity of China's new added stainless steel will reach 7.5 million tons, the total capacity will reach 44-45 million tons, and the capacity utilization rate will still fluctuate between 60-70%.


  • From the perspective of consumption, in 2017, the consumption of Chinese stainless steel reached to 20 million tons, accounting for 2.58% of the total steel consumption, and will continue to increase rapidly in the future. In the structure of consumption, tableware, products and electrical appliances accounted for 32.6%; followed by construction, structure and decoration, accounting for 24.6%; transportation, energy and industry, accounting for 14.4% , 13% and 11% respectively. China's stainless steel application areas are expanding and enriched, and the future consumption structure will be more balanced and reasonable.


  • From a technical point of view, China's stainless steel production process technology is continuing to catch up. The technological innovation represented by ferronickel instead of nickel plate and cold continuous rolling technology have greatly reduced the cost of stainless steel raw material and manufacturing and laid the cost advantage of Chinese stainless steel. In 2016, China's stainless steel net exports reached a peak of 3.22 million tons, and high-end, specialty stainless steel products emerged and replaced imports.


  • From the product point of view, the current domestic stainless steel products accounted for 28% of the 200 series, the 300 series accounted for 52%, and the 400 series accounted for 20%. Compared with mature markets in developed countries, China's 200 series stainless steel accounts for a relatively high proportion. With the long-term accumulation of waste stainless steel, the problem of 200 series scrap recovery is getting more and more passive. In 2017, the proportion of the 200 series declined for the first time in China. It is expected that China's 200 series products will decrease in the future, and the proportion of 400 series products will increase.

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