Stainless Steel Has A Great Future In Automobile Manufacturing

- Nov 16, 2018 -

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Stainless steel not only has the corrosion resistance, but also has the good physical performance and the surface quality, has been widely used in the automobile manufacture, at present the application component mainly has the following categories.


1.Stainless steel for exhaust system: most of them are ferritic stainless steel, which is the most used part of automobile stainless steel.409L,436L and so on are commonly used stainless steel.From the perspective of economy and practicability, 0Cr11Ti ferritic stainless steel is often used in the exhaust system of some European and American cars, while Japan basically adopts 13Cr~17Cr ferritic stainless steel and its improved model.


2. Stainless steel for automobile fuel tank: in addition to no risk of oil leakage, the fuel tank made of stainless steel has excellent corrosion resistance and good forming performance, which can save or simplify the painting process and is easy to recycle.304L, jfe-sx1, etc. are commonly used in stainless steel.


3. Sstainless steel for automobile frame: combined automobile frame design combined with the excellent performance of stainless steel material can make the automobile have good anti-impact performance, light weight, high safety reliability and long life. In addition, such frame can be completely recycled.409L, 3Cr12, 304L are commonly used stainless steel.


4. Automotive stainless steel parts: mainly include stainless steel sealing ring and heat exchanger. The sealing ring is usually 301 stainless steel.Cr-ni austenitic stainless steel is also used on some parts.0Cr17 and 0Cr18Ni9 are used for oil cooler plate heat exchanger.0Cr17 can be used for headlamp retainer, handrail of large passenger car, safety rail, etc.


5. Stainless steel for car decoration: stainless steel inlays, antennas, wheel covers, etc. are used on small cars, and stainless steel is also used on the handrails, safety railings and hanger bars of large passenger cars and vehicles.In order to reduce the cost, the rear view mirror is mainly made of SUS430J1L stainless steel, while the rear view mirror of some high-end cars is made of SUS436J1L stainless steel.Automobile windshield wipers are mostly used by SUS430, SUS304 and SUS301.The headlamp retainer is made of SUS430 steel.Safety devices on cars also often use stainless steel.For example, the safety belt tightener is made of SUS301 stainless steel, the airbag sensor and booster pump are made of SUS304 and SUS304L stainless steel, and the ABS induction ring is made of SUS434 and SUS444.


6.Automobile frame or integral case: automobile frame or integral case made of stainless steel containing 11% ~ 12%Cr, commonly used brands include 00Cr11Ti, 0Cr11Ni4Ti, 00Cr12NiTi, etc.Some countries have used stainless steel for large buses, coal transport vehicles, urban subway vehicles.The automotive industry is the fastest growing area of stainless steel applications.Stainless steel is also widely used in buses, subways and high-speed rail vehicles.To increase market demand for high-grade car, considering the cost of manufacture, maintenance and energy consumption, stainless steel car significantly lower than that of aluminum alloy and carbon steel models, so the stainless steel car is the most economical vehicles, has great prospects for development, made of stainless steel used in automobile manufacturing industry showed a trend of worldwide expansion, has great potential market. 


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