Stainless Steel Famous Factory Annual Meeting

- Sep 29, 2017 -

Stainless Steel Famous Factory annual Meeting

Speech from Hongwang Group CEO


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On September 28, in foshan market, held in meeting "east China cold rolled SS by the fourth anniversary", the chairman CuHui Dai from HongWang group gave a speech.


Dai believed that the spontaneous organization of seminars, generally keep half a year has been quite good, but the figure is "east China cold-rolled exchange" for four years, is not easy to insist on so long. We are all peers and by mutual learning and communication platform is more advantageous to promote the healthy development of the industry.  the stainless steel is a very good Develop industry, with the application of more and more widely, the future development will be better and better.Although the economy is not particularly good, but the stainless steel consumption is relatively good, Reform of the national supply side, the stainless steel industry concentration increase, industry will be more incline to specification.Wear the gold in the communication with jin hui group vice President Zhang Shouning also noted that the current industry such as cold rolled stainless steel factory is becoming more and more with futures (Aaron nickel), futures rose in the morning, we followed up;Futures fell in the afternoon, we followed, but in fact this relationship with the stainless steel used by the raw material and cost is not large.Do the factory must have a consensus, you see after a lot of news also said tube factory many graduation or run phenomenon, some reason is that prices can not rise, prices fall is about to fall, this for our processing factory, is injured.We need to take some corresponding mechanisms to better measure our actual sales, can't completely and futures, it is easy to riding a tiger.Dai thought, we should separate the factory and futures, use futures hedging, but also to ensure that production and processing.Could tube factory in terms of feedback on futures will be more sensitive, and quickly.If we don't consider this aspect, cold rolled steel mills will also face the same problem.Hope that through the fourth anniversary of the exchange, and peer learning together, promote communication!


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Facotry produce 200,000 tons every month from three their own factories.


WuXi Xichu stainless steel co.,ltd

Una Chen


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