Review Of Stainless Steel Price In The Half Of 2018

- Sep 01, 2018 -

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In the first half of 2018, the price of stainless steel floated in a small range, and the price fluctuations was not large. Overall, the output of steel mills is high, the destocking is obvious in the market, and the demand of downstream is increasing obviously.

The Conditions of 200, 300 and 400 Series Price

1.  200 series

Affected by national policies, finance, downstream purchase demand, etc., the price of stainless steel revealed a downward trend this year, but the 200 series price fluctuations were small. The reason is that some of main production steel mills which mainly make 200 series continue to overhaul, and the support brought by raw materials, so that the price temporarily stabilized. However, in the future application of stainless steel, the exploration efforts is not enough. The 300 series is always the mainstream consumables, and the influence of the 200 series has gradually weakened in the market.


2.  300 series

In the first half of the year, the overall fluctuations of the 300 series stainless steel was strong, but was relatively flat in recent years. During the holidays in January and February, the price was relatively stable. Only in the first half of the Spring Festival, the price was short-lived due to the purchase of the stocking period; In April, demand of downstream broke out in time, however, steel prices fell, mainly due to the surge in supply capacity at the supply end and the highest value of the inventory during the year.


3.  400 series

Affected by high-carbon ferrochrome of raw materials and the whole market, 400 series remain an unilateral downward trend for nearly three months in 3-5 months; in June, driven by environmental protection, production cut by some steel mills and rising raw materials, 430 cold-rolled prices have risen, but the motivation is not strong.

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