How To Proceed Mirror Finish Of Stainless Steel Sheet?

- Sep 15, 2017 -

How to make Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet

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      Introduction of mirror SS sheet:


1.     The "mirror" refers to the surface of the stainless steel.

"Mirror" in stainless steel industry should belong to the "8 k" surface.


2.     Common mirror stainless steel can be divided into 6 k, 8 k and 10 k ,ordinary 6 k, fine grinding, 8 k, 10 k super fine grinding effect.Generally no too big difference of the same thickness, 10 k mirror brighter;The thicker the thickness, the effect is poorer, the processing cost is higher. So we only have stock in thickness from 0.3~1.2mm, the thicker one need to be ordered.


3.     The melting point of mirror stainless steel mainly associated with each into and content points, has nothing to do with whether to mirror surface.The concept of "red".All kinds of metal under 400 degrees Celsius, the environment is not very bright, can see the "red".So "burn" red to the mirror stainless steel need to around 400 degrees.


      How to proceed mirror finish of stainless steel sheet? link the video for checking.

       mirror finish 2.jpeg


      1. Stainless steel plate production principle is stainless steel raw materials use grinding fluid through polishing     equipment for polishing on the surface of the steel plate, make board face level off and luminosity as clear as a mirror.Stainless steel mirror series products are widely used in building decoration, elevator decoration, industry decoration, facilities decoration decoration engineering, etc.


      2. Stainless steel mirror plate processing production process can be divided into general and fine grinding in two ways, then the two processing methods made mirror effect which one is better?And this is by looking at the mirror surface brightness to discrimination, and sand holes on the surface of the plate and grinding headdress flower must be less.In general, stainless steel plate in using the polishing machine for processing, which propelled the slower, grind the more the number of groups, and the effect is good


    3. When using the polishing equipment for processing of stainless steel plate, sheet is first and foremost to play sand, and then put the stainless steel plate in grinding fluid, including through 8 groups of different degree of grinding head grinding, grinding process is basically on the surface of the stainless steel plate processing, this process is not deep, this step is to go to remove the oxide layer on stainless steel plate surface.


     4. Color Stainless steel mirror sheet should make mirror process as above said first, and then use vacuum plating process to make the color you want, also can arrange etching, or something else needed by buyer.

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