How To Distinguish 304, 30408, 30403, 30409 And 304D

- Sep 03, 2018 -

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Recently, the stainless steel material 304D  have been newly introduced on the market, and most people cannot distinguish between the 304D and 304 series materials.

304 is the most common general-purpose stainless steel material on the market. Although the name of 304 is very common in China, the name "304" comes from the United States and generally refers to the ASTM standard. Another common way to express 304 is SUS304, which comes from Japan and is produced according to Japanese standard. The latest brand name of 304 in domestic is 06Cr19Ni10, and the industries also named 304 stainless steel 18/8 stainless steel, which means that the normal circulation of 304 contains 18 chromium and the nickel content is 8 nickel.


30408 is a name in domestic, which digital code is S30408, same as the 304 brand, is also 06Cr19Ni10. The difference is that the S30408 is produced in accordance with GB-T 24511-2017 "Standards for Stainless Steel and Heat-Resistant Steel Sheets and Strips for Pressure Equipment", and it is mainly used for pressure vessels such as pressure vessels. If the steel mill wants to produce the S30408, it must obtain the corresponding production certification. Only in that way can the product 304 be called S30408, otherwise it can only be called 304.


30403 is a low carbon material of 304, and its code name is S30403. The mark is 022Cr19Ni10, and its carbon content is 0.03%, namely 304L.

Another material is 30409, which is a high-carbon material of 304. The code name is S30409, the mark is 07Cr19Ni10, and its carbon content is 0.04-0.1%, namely 304H.


In the terms of the chemical composition, 304, 30408, 30403, 30409 belong to the 304 series, but the chemical composition and production standards are different.



304D is an economical corrosion-resistant stainless steel. From its chemical component, the number of its nickel is only 2.8, but the manganese has 7. Therefore, 304D is not a 304 material in a strict sense, although its chromium content reaches 18.

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