Food Grade Stainless Steel 304

- Jul 24, 2018 -

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Food grade stainless steel refers to stainless steel materials that meet the requirements of the National Food Safety Standard - Metal Materials and Products for Food Contact GB 4806.9-2016. The definition of “metal materials and products for food contact” in the standard is: materials and products of various metals (including various metal coatings and alloys) that are expected or have been in contact with food under normal using condition.

According to the special requirements of the migration test in GB 4806.9-2016, the migration: 4% acetic acid solution (volume fraction).

Migration test conditions: boil for 30min, room temperature for 24h, the specific technical requirements are as follows:

Mobility indicator requirements for stainless steel products in direct food contact



Mobility index requirements for other metal materials and products (aluminum alloy, aluminum containers, etc.)


Notes: Cleaning Method


Effective cleaning is absolutely necessary to keep the corrosion protection of stainless steel equipment. At present, many factories use wire brushes or scouring pads to clean deep stains on metal surfaces. However, such brushes or scouring pads should not be used to clean stainless steel surfaces. Ordinary steel or iron particles from the brush may be embedded in the surface of the stainless steel, impairing the integrity of the protective oxide layer. Over time, this will make "stainless steel" rust like ordinary steel.

We recommend that you can use a food grade polyester (PBT) brush to clean the stainless steel surface. Food grade soft bristles do not scratch the stainless steel surface, so the cleaning tool will no longer produce "side reactions." The case is as follows:


In addition, for the selection of chemicals for disinfection, the general hypochlorite corrosion of stainless steel is more serious than the quaternary ammonium salt and iodine compound. 

It is recommended not to use sodium hypochlorite directly to disinfect the surface of stainless steel table or equipment, and choose edible alcohol or other non-chlorine preparations product.

The lead content of food grade stainless steel is much lower than that of ordinary stainless steel. 

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