Do You Know Why Hot Rolled Flat Steel Is Corrosive?

- May 25, 2017 -

It is well known that hot rolled flat steel is generally used for rectangular steel with a rectangular cross section. Its specifications are expressed in millimeters in width * width. Flat steel can be finished steel for components, ladders, bridges and fences. Do you know why hot rolled flat steel is corrosive? Today, Henan hot-rolled flat steel manufacturers to tell you talk about it

Hot rolled flat steel in the atmosphere will produce an effect of oxygen, the surface of the formation of an oxide film, but can only play a simple protective effect. The corrosion resistance of hot rolled flat steel depends on chromium, but the protection method is not the same. The greater the amount of chromium added, the stronger the corrosion resistance. It is because the steel has been treated with steel. The surface oxide becomes the surface oxide formed on the pure chromium metal.

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