Caculation Formula Of Steel Weight

- Oct 17, 2018 -

——From HONGWANG Office

The different types of steel have serious caculation methods, and we site some steel caculation formula for instance as follows.


  1. Rebar Weight

    Formula:Diameter(mm)× Diameter(mm)× 0.00617 ×  Length(m)

    For instance:Rebar Φ20mm (diameter) × 12m(length)

    Caculation:20×20×0.00617×12 = 29.616 kg

  2. Steel Pipe Weight

    Formula:(Outside Diameter - Wall Thickness× Wall Thickness(mm)× 0.02466 ×  Length(m)

    For instance: Steel Pipe 114mm (outside diameter) × 4mm(wall thickness) × 6mm(length)

    Caculation:(114-4)×4×0.02466×6 = 65.102 kg


 3. Flat Steel

    Formula:Siding(mm)× Thickness(mm)× Length(m)× 0.00785

    For instance:Flat Steel 50mm (Siding) × 5.0mm(thickness)× 6m (length)

    Caculation:50×5×6×0.00785 = 11.7.75 kg

 4. Steel Plate

    Formula:7.85× Length(m)× Width (m)× Thickness(mm)

    For instance: Steel Plate 6m (length)× 1.51m (width) × 9.75mm(thickness)

    Caculation:7.85×6×1.15×9.75 = 693.43 kg

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