304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel

- Sep 06, 2018 -

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As a kind of excellent production and processing material, 304 stainless steel flat steel has become one of the more common materials in our daily life, from mechanical equipment to pots and pans. So, when using stainless steel flat steel, what should be paid attention to?

Note 1: Do not use to store food which is too acidic or alkaline.

Based on the material and chemical properties of the stainless steel material itself, it is not appropriate to use stainless steel tableware to take the salt, soy sauce, and vegetable soup. It is also not suitable for holding acidic drinks, like juice. The electrolytes in these foods can undergo complex "electrochemical reactions" with the metal elements in the dish, causing the elements to be over-dissolved to contaminate the food.

Note 2: Should not be used with aluminum tableware

First of all, the hardness of the two materials is different, and the combination is easy to cause damage to the latter. Secondly, because aluminum and iron are chemically different, aluminum and iron form a "chemical battery" when they come into contact with certain components of the food that make up the electrolyte (such as salts, acids, etc.), resulting in more aluminum. Ions contaminate food. "Aluminum poisoning" may lead to mental decline, memory loss and senile dementia.

Note 3: It is not advisable to be washed with strong alkali and strong oxidizing agents

These highly corrosive strong electrolytes, such as soda and bleach, will produce “electrochemically react” with certain ingredients in the tableware, quickly corroding stainless steel cutlery and dissolving harmful elements.

Note 4: Do not buy inferior products

Inferior 304 stainless steel flat steel production is generally very rough, and contains a variety of heavy metal elements, such as lead, aluminum, mercury and cadmium, which are very harmful to human health.

Therefore when using 304 stainless steel flat steel, we should pay attention to these above matters, in order to ensure the safety of use.

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